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“Good wine is a necessity of life for me.”
-Thomas Jefferson


Who are we to argue with the dude who wrote The Declaration of Independence?


At KnB we declare OUR independence from the tyranny of mass-grape-producers, from the oppression of big distribution, and fermentation without representation. Do we have a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence? Nah- not even considered. Do we have 3 sommeliers on staff? Nope. Do we care about wine scores?- Sorry, we were too busy drinking the wine to think about nubmers…


KnB is populated by a team of un-educated wine people not unlike yourself. We’re average joes with a powerful lust for good wine. We don’t read the scores and the books: We fill the cup…we sniff it… we taste it… we spit (sometimes) and decide if we would drink it ourselves. We meticulously select the wines we we would enjoy, and hope that you will too.  KnB sports an eclectic, affordable and quaffable selection of wines from California and all other grape loving places on Earth- we sincerely hope you will enjoy all the bottles we hold dear.